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We are ACE London Hair, a London-standard hair salon in Vietnam, founded by celebrity hair dressers Michael and Chiyono Barnes. British aesthetics, Japanese sensibility.

Michael and Chiyono have worked on hair and fashion shows internationally including Tokyo, Taipei, Cape Town, Chicago, Frankfurt, Bologna, Amsterdam and many more.


Michael is a past winner of the avant garde category of the British Hairdressing award and has been nominated 20 times in various categories.


Michael and Chiyono have styled the hair of international celebrities including Kiera Knightley and Lily Cole.

They have also styled many Vietnamese celebrities including Ha Anh Vu, Kathy Uyen Nguyen, Hari Won, Pham Huong, Pham Anh Khoa, Dang Thu Tao, Diem My, Ngo Thanh Van, Isaac and Thanh Hang.

Michael and Chiyono spent 14 years together at Michael's salon in central London before coming to Vietnam.

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